Exemplar cellar

Treating and reusing wastewater at low cost, with respect of the legislation

wOter® offers a patent solution of cellar effluents treatment, 100% ecologic, allowing to respect the legislation and saving money at purchase and use.

This scalable technology is adaptable to the need through 2 treatment phases and then allows to reuse treated water. A phyto kit can be associated to the principal treatment system in case of site washing area.

ENR compatible, compact, lightness, our solution doesn’t require dedicated staff and minimizes maintenance cost.


  • 1500 HL
  • Tanks capacity 10m3
  • Wasterwater reUse
    • Wine harvest effluents: immediate
    • Effluents, decanting, washing: 1 month

* Starting at 9 500 € without taxes

Associated characteristics

Technical characteristics example:

  • Output sterile water (19nm)
  • 1300nm x 700nm x 550nm
  • 40kg
  • Treatment capacity: 300L/h
  • Power installed: 140 W UNDER 24 Vcc
  • Power consumed: 115W for 300L/h

Eligible for subsidies, reduces the water charge


Phase 1: cellar effluents preparation for bacteria/aeration degradation
The effluents are stored in a specific wine harvest tank during bottling process.

Phase 2: extraction - effluents filtration for release in the environment or secured storage for reuse.

Processed water Kit: water purification thanks to a high efficiency reverse osmosis modular.
Output pure water, under permanently watch, usable as process water.

Phyto kit: specific collecting tank, progressive instillation in the main effluent.

Reuse: paired up with storage, it allows a new approach of water treatment which lower the supplying and increase the use.

Times of storage, of aeration and times of filtration are scalable depending on the use


  1. Free diagnostic visit
    • Water use
    • Budget evaluation
  2. Prior study *
    • Recommendations
    • Final budget
  3. Realization
    • Process optimization
    • Cellar equipment
  4. Installation
    • Treated water analysis by Cofrac certified laboratory

* 400 € without taxes refunded if realization